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Pre-settlement funding, or a "lawsuit advance," gives plaintiffs in specific types of lawsuits access to money before their case closes or a settlement is reached. This is designed to ease the pressure of mounting expenses from surgeries and other medical fees, as well as living expenses such as rent, mortgage, food and other personal expenses.

Pre-settlement funding is NOT a loan. We provide you the money you need during your legal process and in return we receive a portion of the recovery and/or settlement received for your case. There is no risk involved because if you lose your case, the money we provide does not have to be repaid.

We fund all types of cases in which you have been injured as a result of an accident or someone's negligence. These include all types of personal injury cases such as slip and fall, auto accidents, construction accidents, etc. as well as medical malpractice cases, surgery funding and much more. See the list of case types we fund under "What We Fund."

If you have a personal injury claim, there is a very good chance you qualify for funding. Find out today by calling us at (646) 738-6444 or filling out an application here.

There are very low upfront fees associated with funding your case. Once the free case evaluation is completed and the amount of funding you are qualified for is determined, and the agreement is created. Dynamic Legal Funding is fully transparent about all costs throughout the entire process and details it out in the agreement.

The amount you qualify for will be determined after a review of your individual case. How you were injured, the extent of your injuries, insurance coverage, and the expected length of time until case completion are all taken into consideration. Funding can range from anywhere between $500 to unlimited.

No. The case proceedings are left completely up to you and your attorney. We simply provide assistance in the form of funding.

In addition, all information received from you or your attorney regarding your case is 100% confidential. We do not disclose any information unless otherwise directed by you, your attorney, or a court order or subpoena.

Every case is unique, however it is possible to receive funding in as few as 24 hours.

The terms of our agreement will have your attorney pay us the purchase amount once you receive a settlement. You will never have to worry about writing a check or coming up with funds yourself.

The nature of litigation funding is such that if you lose your case, you do not have to pay back the advance.

Because of the terms where we do not receive payment unless you win your case, you must have an attorney to be eligible for pre-settlement funding. We work with your attorney to determine the best course of action for your case, which is how we gauge the funding amount upon.

Dynamic Legal Funding offers very low upfront costs, competitive rates, a straightforward and fast process. Discuss your case for free with a real person today.

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