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Our process is designed to get you the most money we possibly can, as fast as we can, so you can continue on with your way of life without having to stress about paying the bills.  This allows you to see your case through its entirety and receiving the maximum compensation for your situation.

This method of getting the money that you need for daily expenses is not a loan. You will not pay interest on the advance funds that you receive. You only pay us when you have been paid from your settlement. If you don’t receive money in your settlement, you don’t pay us, so there is no risk to you.

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About Us

Dynamic Legal Funding is a leading provider of pre-settlement legal funding to plaintiffs with pending injury lawsuits. In addition, we specialize in pre and post-surgical funding to Medical Centers and providers including physical therapy centers, imaging centers, surgery centers and chiropractic offices. Dynamic Legal Funding’s pre-settlement funding allows personal-injury victims and lawsuit plaintiffs to pay expenses, manage cash flow, and secure medical care, including surgical financing, while awaiting the settlement of their claims. Don’t settle for less!

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