Why Use Dynamic Legal Funding to Get the Cash You Need

Every day counts when you are struggling to pay bills and maintain your quality of life following an accident, injury or major surgery. When you are unable to work due to one of these circumstances, the bills can add up quickly. Instead of struggling while you wait for your settlement, consider one of Dynamic Legal Funding’s pre-settlement solutions to get the cash you need now.

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Why Use Case Funding?

When you have a legal case against a business or an institution, the process can take months or even years in some cases. You are eligible to use case funding if you currently are a plaintiff in a legal motion filed against a defendant, are represented by a lawyer and are deemed to have a good chance of winning your case through negotiated settled or by a decision in a court of law.

This method of getting the money that you need for daily expenses is not a loan. You will not pay interest on the advance funds that you receive. You only pay us when you have been paid by your settlement. If you don’t receive money in your settlement, you don’t pay us, so there is no risk to you. It’s that simple.

If you are in need of pre-settlement funding, contact us at (646) 738-6444 for a free case evaluation.

The Case for Dynamic Legal Funding

We will provide you with financial funding upfront, at some of the industry’s lowest rates, at no risk to you. The application process is clear and straightforward. You will need to provide us with certain information about your case and indicate that no interest in your case has previously been purchased by any other company.

Once you have done this, our staff will review your application. When the application is approved, you’ll receive a contract that indicates that Dynamic legal Funding will purchase an interest in your case. The contract will clearly state what you’ll pay once your case is resolved.

Call or email us today for an application that takes only five minutes to complete. You could have the money you need within 24 hours!

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