Whistleblower/Qui Tam Cases Qualify for Pre-Settlement Funding

Exposing fraud on the part of businesses that defraud the government is an important job as companies that defraud often affect many different types of entities as well as people. If you decide to report such fraud, you may be subject to retaliation in the form of firing or demotion, even though the law states that your employer cannot retaliation against you.

Unfortunately, reality says otherwise. Your employer could demote or fire you, leading to a loss of income while the legal suit against your employer awaits.

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Reliable Financial Services for Case Funding

Dynamic Legal Funding, LLC, is a corporation that can provide pre-settlement funding. You may have erroneously thought that presettlement funding was only available to plaintiffs in injury cases. Our company provides a wide range of financial services to plaintiffs in other types of cases.

We can fund the following types of Qui Tam fraud cases:

  • Health care
  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Prescriptions
  • Federal taxes
  • Securities and commodities
  • Financial services
  • Educational services

If you are in need of pre-settlement funding, contact us at (646) 738-6444 for a free case evaluation.

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